Thursday, October 02, 2008

my iTunes

At the bottom of the sidebar on this blog you'll see the 'My iTunes' gadget errr widget I've added.

Now, some people will think this is insanely great, while a great many will loathe it for everything Apple and the iTMS stands for.

I'm in both camps. I like the fact I can put this on my blog easily. I'm not convinced if advertising my esoteric taste in music is wise, nor am I thrilled at punting a blatent marketing ploy by Apple. Plus, I'm not sure I like the increase in bandwidth the already sluggish Blogger page is lumbered with. But it is cool and adds a bit of pzazz to my dull old page.

I'll leave it on for the meantime and see how we get on.

By the way - is the iTunes Genius thing not a brilliant way of making yet more money out of iTunes? I personally think the technology behind the selection process is great - so great, in fact, that it's suckered me into buying two tracks on a whim so far. You can't fault Apple on this nugget of marketing genius.

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Anonymous said...

"You can't fault Apple on this nugget of marketing genius."

Yes, in fact, I can. But then, I've had the experience of interacting w/ Steve Jobs, which permanently coloured my view of Apple.

- George Widget