Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's back!

Yes, in my clammy hands is my K850i after a round trip to the Vodafone repair centre. I suspect it's been re-flashed, but with what?

I mean, it's working but now is exhibiting behaviour that it didn't before. For example, it's taking black photos now where the flash is required. This is a well known fault with the K850i (bad syncronicity between flash and shutter), but my phone, pre-BROD*, never suffered from this. (AFAIK)

Also, I've noticed that after the camera is activated by the dedicated button, and the camera is exited by means of the hang-up button, the shutter LED and camera shorcut buttons remain lit. Well, it never did that before. Harrumph. Even more frustrating, this fault seems to occur randomly. Ho hum.

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