Monday, July 15, 2013

Radio Minimal

No, not a radio channel dedicated to the works of Philip Glass (although I'm fairly certain one exists, somewhere), but a simple radio rig utilising an iPod Nano and a pair of X-Mini MAX capsule speakers.

Now, these aren't going to blow your socks off, especially coupled to the Nano's anaemic maximum volume, but they're sufficient for a little personal sound if, as I have been doing all weekend, working on DIY projects indoors and out.

They can't be driven hard anyway - the sound just gets too brash, but as an alternative to expensive one box bluetooth speakers, these give adequate sound plus better stereo separation.

The Nano's FM reception is better with headphones, but the curious mini-USB L/R input cable just about picks up enough signal for decent out and about radio.

And of course, there's the backup of your music selection on the Nano itself should the radio become too tedious.