Saturday, April 02, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

OK, so the above patently isn't a 3DS, but it did remind me that for better or worse I've owned nearly all Nintendos' handheld devices.

There was the original Gameboy, a Gameboy Color, the Gameboy Advance, a phat DS and a slim DS. I still have a space reserved on the list for a Gameboy Micro, but fear my eyesight isn't up to it. (And they still fetch quite a lot on eBay...)

So, after a cursory look at the 3DS in a store, I came away suitably impressed with the depth of field the screen lends to the action. It is true that you have to find (and keep) the 'sweet spot' for the stereoscopic effect to work, but even with the older systems gamers tend to hold their devices in a constant comfort zone anyway, so the 3DS shouldn't require too much effort. Pity about the battery life, which got better on older models as the tech matured. Maybe they're keeping that improvement for V2.

It seems likely, then, that I'll get myself a 3DS to keep the lineage of portable Nintendo systems going (I'm allowed to skip the DSi, OK?) and also for the inevitable Advance Wars 3DS. Happy days.

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