Saturday, November 05, 2005

Leaf peeping

No. Not really. More like leaf sucking. I got a Flymo GardenVac a few years ago and never really used it much. But my garden has lots of trees and the leaf problem was getting a bit much the other day, so I got the Vac out and what do you know? It actually worked for a change!

The trick is, of course, not to try picking up leaves just after it's been raining. Something which is quite hard to schedule in Scotland in November. Nevertheless, the thing worked as advertised, even picking 'stuck' leaves on the patio.

The downside to this garden gadgetry is that it has given me a really sore neck and paracetamol is having limited effect as I write.

On a different note, and I haven't mentioned it yet in the blogs, but our iMac G5 is due to arrive on Monday. Oh Lord, can it be true? The only application that drives me nuts on this iBook because of slowness is iPhoto. Surprisingly, iMovie is pretty usable... but I'm really looking forward to the delights of the complete iLife package. Watch this space.

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