Wednesday, October 19, 2005

First Blog!

Huh? It's 11pm and, on a complete whim, decided to start a blog. For the very first time.

What's it going to be about? Read the title! My gadget obsessed life! Har. You see, the thing is, over time I've amassed a fair few gadgets. Like most folk, some of these are genuinely useful, some of them are pointless, and some aren't worth the hassle.

Sure, I hang out on iLounge, read Tech Digest, and generally try to keep up with the latest developments, even if my budget means I only get to window shop most of the time.

This blog will cover stuff I own, would like to own, stuff I find useful; rants and raves about particular items and some views on popular things that people might not like.

So that's a start at least. Now to write the first article. Bye for now.

(Tips on how to finish blog entries greatly appreciated!)

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